In the United States more than 50 percent of the labor force consists of working class people. The working class people or the working poor as the book calls them are people that work so hard to obtain very little. Who are the working class people? How does the media affect our views on the working class? Why does the working class exist in our society?

The video: Class Dismissed: How TV Frames the Working Class

The working class consist of different groups of people, however “the majority of the working poor are white, female, and high school educated” (Eitzen, Zinn, and Smith 194).  The reason why the majority of the working class consists of these groups of people is because they tend to have fewer opportunities. For example, college graduates have higher chances of getting a better paying job with benefits than a high school graduate. The working class works dead-end jobs with no benefits and only gets paid the minimum. “In 2003, 2.1 million workers were paid minimum wage or less, yet this wage does not support a family” (Eitzen, Zin, and Smith 194).Although, the minimum wage has gone up since 2003, most of the working class people are stuck working these dead-end jobs that keeps them in poverty because they have no other choice.

The media is everywhere and it impacts our lives in many ways. We see Television as entertainment and that is why we don’t see its great impact in our lives. However, television does frame our views on the working class. For example, television depicts the working class as “a lifestyle choice, as if people choose to have lower incomes when in reality class is powerfully structured by social forces” (Class Dismissed: How TV Frames the Working Class). The Medias depiction of the working class people is very poorly and it tends to create a greater social problem. This illusion or fake depiction of the working class causes misconceptions within society. The core issue in this video is how the media creates these horrible unrealistic depictions of the working class.

The working class exists in our society because “they do society’s dirty work for low pay and few if any benefits” (Eitzen, Zinn, and Smith 194). Having a working class is beneficial for the wealthy and since the majority of the world is run by the wealthy, I guess it works out. I feel that the people who are of the working class need help. I think it’s unfair because we should all have an equal amount of opportunities. I disagree with the misconceptions that the media creates of the working class. I think that one possible solution would have to focus on education. Having better public schools that insure a better future after high school will create better opportunities for future generations. Another, solution would have to focus on the government support programs. I think that the working class people should be eligible to receive Medical and eligible to receive any other government benefits that will insure their survival. Going back to what I have read in our book I can see that people who live in poor environments tend to have a higher mortality rates. Why not help decrease or prevent mortality rates due to being uninsured? Although, elimination social classes completely will never happen we as a society can reduce their impact in the world.  


All around the world crime is committed, but why is it that minorities are the ones to blame? It’s a proven fact that minorities make up more than fifty percent of the incarcerated population in the United States. Are minorities’ victims of their environment or are they just born criminals?

This week’s video-

Title: More Blacks In Prison Than Slaves In 1850 – War On Drugs

Within urban communities’ crime, drugs, and gangs take up a large portions of the urban life. The lack of resource and the need for survival caused an increase in crime, drugs, and gangs.  “inner-city minority youth are locked out of the system, drifting aimless as they are out of school, out of work, and all but out of hope” (Eitzen, Zinn, and smith 168). These are the reasons why crime, drugs, and gangs takeover the urban population. The quick and easy money is what motivates them to sale drugs and commit crimes.  Joining gangs help them find security and gives them a sense of power within these poor communities. “As of 2008, 40.2 % of the prison population was made up of African-Americans… [however] only 12 % of the U.S. populations is black” (More Blacks In Prison Than Slaves In 1850 – War On Drugs). This is an outrage, how can we have a higher percentage of African- Americans in prison that we account for in the U.S.? Let’s talk about a topic both the book and video talk about, which is this war on drugs. Both whites and black use drugs but why is it that more often we see blacks incarcerated for drug charges than we see whites? Is it discrimination? You be the judge of that but mean while watch this video.

Whether its discrimination or the need to survive the core issue is that crime, drugs, and gangs are taking over the urban communities. This is becoming a social problem because it affects everyone. Not only minorities are criminal, therefore everyone is at risk of being victims of a crime. Both videos present an issue that is common among the urban population. They support the problems the book talks about.

What would this world be without crime? We can’t stop crime but we can help control it. By giving urban communities more resources we will decreases crime. Helping the youth with opportunities is another solution. The book focuses on adolescence and young adults as the primary source of crime. If we supply them with better opportunities and brighten their horizons, I’m sure we can reduce crime. The fact that discrimination continues is outrageous. I want to believe that humanity has come a long way since slavery, but it is clear that we still have a long way to go. Most people like to blame minorities for the increases in crime, the high drug use, and the increases of gangs but it’s not only minorities. Until we realize that, this never ending cycle of crime, drugs, and gangs will never end.

Health care is a big problem in urban locations. Every year it’s becoming a life or death situation when it comes to health care. The lack of funding, the overpriced medications, and expensive doctor visits are taking the lives of many.

This blogs video:

People that live in urban locations are forced to struggle to survive. Each year we lose millions of people due to disease and chronic health problems that go on treated.  Several million Americans can’t afford health insurance and several more are under-insured. For poor people having health insurance is becoming a need they can’t meet due to the lack of support from the federal government and the increase of budget cuts. These budget cuts are making it harder for people to obtain health care because insurance companies are increasing cost and paying very little. How can you be treated if you can’t afford to be seen by the doctor or pay for the expensive treatment?  We just can’t!

According to the video the U.S. spends several trillions on health care every year, so how is it that people are dying due to the lack of health care? Let me tell you why. The poorest communities don’t see this money, the rich do. Yes, now and then we see organizations or public programs such as free clinics that help the poor or unprivileged; however with the increase of budget cuts these public resources are being reduced. The insurance companies are the ones being benefited. The insurance companies are making billions through these budget cuts. Insurance companies are increasing their rates but in reality are covering less every time. People need health insurance and that is why they are force to pay the high priced insurances just to get some coverage.

The issue here is that poorest people are the ones being affected by the health care crisis. They are dying every day because of the lack health care. One out of six Americas doesn’t have health care or can’t afford it.  This a social issue because this is affecting a large portion of society. The issue is not presented in a favorable light in this video or in the book. Both the book and video talk about the true affects that health care are causing within the urban communities.

It’s truly sad to know that people are dying because they don’t have the money to pay for the medications or doctor visits. The budget cuts are not helping and the money spent for health care is limited. One of the solutions I think would help is free health care worldwide. Yes, this would cost a great deal of money but it would save lives.  Our survival shouldn’t be based on a budget, we all deserve and equal chance to live.

Each year we lose millions of acres from our tropical rain forests due to greed.  The destruction of tropical rain forests only serves one purpose and that’s to help the rich get richer. Ever since the Industrial Revolution all we see is these wealthy corporations destroying the tropical rain forests for their benefits. However, they never seem to stop and think at what price they gain their prestige and wealth.   For this Blog I found a great video that focuses on Green Peace.

The video illustrates several of the same problems that the book talks about when it comes to the destruction of tropical rain forests.  Things such as the climate change, the melting of the Glaciers, the rising of oceans temperature, the extinction of species, and the spread of disease. When tropical rain forests are being burn and cut down the planet lose a great amount of moisture and gains a great amount of smoky clouds. The lost of moisture causes an unbalanced in the atmosphere causing the temperature to increase.  The increase in temperature produces a greater amount of mosquitoes, which transfer diseases worldwide.  By cutting and burning down our tropical rain forests we are losing one of our primarily sources of clean air.   During the process of photosynthesis these tropical rain forests absorb a great amount of carbon dioxide, which is one of the primary causes of global warming. This process allows the plants to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, which we need to survive.

Deforestation’s are leading to an increase of emission of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere. High-end companies that produce lumber, oil, and paper are contaminating the planet to obtain self wealth. Other companies are using the land for cattle ranching and soil plantations that produce cheaper grain to feed the animals that are being farmed for other high-end corporations, such as fast food chains and super markets.

The Destruction of tropical rain forests is also leading to the extinction of species. During the process of deforestation many animals are being killed and we are losing a part of our historical land fields. Animals and people are being strip from their lands by these high-end corporations that only seek their own benefits.

The video presents the Green Peace organization in a favorable light. The video focuses on the negative aspects of deforestation. It shows the massive impact that deforestation causes on our planet. I truly  find this issue to be very important because  this issue affects everyone in this world. This problem is worldwide, however I truly believe that one person can make a difference. By taking into consideration how much you consume and finding alternative was to decrease your consumption level, you can help solve this problem. The fewer products we consume from these high-end corporations the less acres they will cut down every year.

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Every year millions of people are dying due to the lack of resources. People who are at poverty level are losing their lives because of malnutrition, diseases, and poor environments. For this blog I chose a YouTube video that focuses on poverty worldwide and the problems they are facing.

The video like the book illustrates the horrible conditions people in poverty level live in. Malnutrition is a major problem within poverty because it weakens the body and it allows diseases to invade the human body. A nourished and health body compared to a malnourished body has a higher capability of overcoming a sickness or diseases.  They are several different diseases, which are affecting the people in poverty levels such as tuberculosis, Ebola, hepatitis, cholera, parasites, and HIV. Several of these diseases are caused by the poor environments in which poverty people live in.  Both the video and book explain how the lack of safe drinking water is an issue. Many people in poverty are forced to drink out of lakes. Although, many would say, “hey, water is water”, I would disagree. Lakes contain several different kinds of parasites and diseases because it’s concentrated water. Unlike streams and rivers there is a constant stream that keeps the water flowing. Each individual of society is a victim of his or her environment, therefore if the environment people live in is bad the survival rate is low.  This is why poverty and the diseases it comes with are the core issue in this chapter and video. The video presents this issue nicely. It shows a combination of the pictures and gives great facts on poverty. The video protects the people and shows the true colors of poverty. It shows what poverty is doing to our society. I truly believe poverty is killing our people. We as a society have the obligation and responsibility to help the people in poverty. We need to help them enrich their recourses like cleaner water supplies. We need to help them create a better and healthier environment in which they can live longer.  We need to educate them on fighting diseases and vaccinations. The last and greatest solution to  poverty includes the prevention of malnutrition.