Most people blame the American education system and teachers for the poor academic progress of students, however where do parents stand? It is easy to blame the education system and teachers because no wants to blame parents for their children’s failure. However, we criticize and punish schools because students are not meeting the academic standers we expect of them.  “The pressure on the teachers and administrators that theirs schools score well may lead to cheating or to manipulation their rankings by exempting special education students and slow learners from taking the test, or through the subtle encouragement of slow learners to drop out of school. A final criticism of high-stakes testing is that research at the state level finds that tests attached to grade promotion and high school graduation lead to increased dropout rates, especially for minority students” (Eitzen 510). We set academic standers for schools that if not meet lead to punishments, but we don’t take inconsideration the serious consequences that follow these punishments.

We reduced funding, fire teachers, and cut resources from these schools that need them the most.  However, is it the education system (schools) and teachers fault or is it the parents fault? This video challenges this exact question and it concludes that “what matters is what parents do because the number one predictor of a child’s success is parental involvement”.   Parental involvement is a key factor in any child’s life especially in education because “there is no program or policy that can substitute a parent” (video).  

Now how does this affect sociaty? This constant debate over who is to blame for the poor academic progress of students in America makes is a social problem. These children being though at public schools with not parental involvement are our future work force. They will eventually go out into the world and occupy a place in society. The success and educational environment we offer them as a society will impact their success in society, which will impact our lives in some way. I believe that if we supply these schools with more resources and encourage parental involvement we can help children to succeed. Another, solution would be providing equal education system and opportunities, like the book talks about.  Just allowing inequality in its self will have a tremendous impact in the social structure. This will create a better society for all of us and much more.