Rape Common War Crime Against Men by TheYoungTurks


Rape is one of the worst traditional street crimes ever.  Although, most rape crimes go unreported it is assumed that rape only happens to women, however this is far from the truth because men get raped too. Many men are captured at war and raped for long periods of time. They suffer from emotional, physical, and mental abuse due to this horrendous crime.  This type of crime tends to be done by perpetrators who are habitual offenders, which leads to the recurrent acts of rape.

Traditional street crimes “are the FBI’s index crimes of burglary, larceny, auto theft, robbery, rape, assault, and murder. These are serious crimes against property or violence against people that many people consider to be the whole of crime” (Eitzen 354). Rapists are known to use violence to restrain and scare victims in order to prevent them from reporting the crime.  This is one of the major reasons why rape victims don’t report this type of crime; however there are also other reasons why men especially the ones captured at war never report these types of crime.

The men who are captured at war “go through a lot of physical problems because of the severity of how much this has happen to them and then there is the mental part after they get away somehow and don’t die. Then [they] have to deal with the mental side of being shun by society, as if [they have] done something wrong”.  Society is known to “shun [the victims] and […] put [them] in shame” when they are not to be blamed (video).This type of crime is related to the broader of social context because social factors do happen and they influence the way victims feel. This harmful response from society puts pressure on the victims, which already have pre-existent side effects from the rape.  However, this makes us question what types of perpetrators commit this type of crime.

There are two types of offenders who commit rape crimes; one is the one-time-only perpetrators and the second is the habitual offenders. The one-time-only offenders only commit crimes one time because they fear prosecution. On the other hand, habitual offenders “continue their criminal patterns” (Eitzen 354). It is common and known that most rapist are habitual offenders because they can’t fight the urge to recommit this type of crime.

The core issue at hand is the men who are being captured at war and being raped. The video presents the victims in the favorable light because it illustrates the pain these men go through.  I feel that any type of crime is not good because they affect others. I think that rape is very harmful because it leaves permanent physical, mental, and emotional damage in a victim. I think that rape can happen to anyone and with that said a possible solution would be to erase ignorant stereotypes such as, rape only happens to women. We can erase these ignorant ideas by educating society about this type of crime. Having a well educated society will lead to a better understanding and reaction towards rape victims. Education will eventually lead to an increase in the reported rape crimes, which will help reduce crime in society.