Homophobia is everywhere; however it has become a major problem in schools around the world.  The gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered youth are endanger.  They suffer from constant humiliation and abuse by the people around them.  The consequences behind this type of discrimination have resulted in gay teens dropping out of school, isolation, and suicide within the gay community.

“Sixty- nine percent of gay youth report experiencing some form of harassment or violence” ( Eitzen 297).  Such discriminating acts consist of verbal abuse, scrawling messages, rumors, violent assaults, and bulling. These prejudice acts are being caused by peers and authority figures in these schools. “ For example, in 2002, the [American Civil Liberties Union] ACLU filed a lawsuit on behalf of an eighth-grader who was forced to sit in the principal’s office during physical education class (for a week and a half) after the gym teacher heard that she was a lesbian” ( Eitzen 297).  Within the video and reading we can see that there are several bulling cases that have been reported, however the parentage of cases that go unreported is much greater.  The percentage of unreported cases is much greater because most victims fear retaliation and further discrimination. However, the consequences that these prejudice acts produce within the gay community are far more critical.

“Twenty-eight percent of gay teens drop out of school annually […]” [because] “of gay teens, 41.7 percent do not feel safe in school” (Eitzen 297). Homophobias in the school system are not only affecting the security of the gay community but it’s also affecting the quality of education gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students are receiving.  When gay students are forced to drop out of school due to the lack of safety they become isolated.  They isolate themselves from society because they feel lonely with no support and they fear for their lives. Isolation within gay teens has had higher consequences such as, suicide. “One study quoted by the DEFES found that 50% of gay or lesbian people have been bullied at school [and have] contemplated self harm or suicide. A further study showed that 20% had attempted suicide and a low number succeeded” (video).   Although, suicide is a serious social problem all on its own, these consequences are the reason why homophobia in schools is a social problem.  Homophobia is a social issue because a majority of discrimination acts within society are based on sexual orientation.

It is absurd that our school system has let our youth suffer alone through discrimination and bulling. I can’t believe that authority figures such as teachers and staff members are also discriminate gay teens. It’s shocking because it makes me question what types of people are we as a society hire to educate our children. I think that a possible solution for this issue would be education. We have to educate both children and adults about sexual orientation.  I think that every authority figure or person working with children and teens should be educated on sexual orientation. By teaching the youth we will help them to understand their own sexual orientation and assimilate the differences between other sexual orientations. This solution will help create better schools and learning environment for our youth.