Although, most people like to believe that segregation in our public school system has ended, it hasn’t. Segregation in our public school system is one of the major reasons why racial and ethnic inequalities exist. Minorities such as, Hispanics and African Americans are affected the most. However, segregation has become more complex because now there is segregation within each ethnic group.  Now the questions is it the systems fault or are minorities just destined to fail?

“Now let’s talk about an issue far less visible. Since, Brown v. The Board of Education segregating schools based on race has been illegal in America, but that doesn’t mean segregation has ended” (video). Even though, most people try to disregard the idea of segregation in our public school system, it has become a major problem in our society. Not only is it affecting the students but it’s causing friction with other social aspects. For instance, segregation has produced racial inequality in and out of the education system. This is a big problem because it’s causing animosity within minority groups. To further complicate this situation, segregation persists in our education system because now most schools in America are being “segregated by social class” (video).

The segregation of schools by social class not only has complicated things but it is declining the quality of education minority groups will receive.  By segregating school the racial inequality within the education system becomes more apparent, which brings me to this question who’s fault is it that segregation continues in our public school system? “Segregation in schools is due largely to the residential segregation that exists throughout the country” (Eitzen 238). Since, our society consists of many segregated ethnic groups our schools maintain segregated.  For this exact reason segregation is a social issue. It is our society who is segregated and our education system just reinforces it. However, in this article the education system is to blame for the segregation of students. It’s the school fault that segregation continues to develop within minorities.

I truly believe that if segregation continues it will oppress and reduce the opportunities for minority groups. If segregation decreases worldwide our public schools would be better off.  I think that if parents become more involved with the education system and opt for no segregation by class, segregation will eventually decrease among the education system. This will balance out the racial and ethnic differences among students, which could lead to a balance of equality in society.