There are several different factors in a child’s life that helps a child create its gender identity.  One of these factors is the media. The media is everywhere and it’s easy for children to be exposed to it.  For instance what child doesn’t watch Disney moves? Believe it or not Disney movies influence children’s perspectives on gender. With that said, what are children really seeing and learning form Disney movies?

Children are like sponges that absorb everything and it doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. They don’t distinguish that Disney movies are fictional or unrealistic. Most Little girls do think that their prince charming will come and save them someday.  They also believe that a women’s role consist of them cooking, cleaning, and always being thin. For instance, in the Disney movie like Cinderella and Snow White the women’s role consists of them singing while cleaning. This gives young girls the idea that it’s fun to clean and that they should “just whistle while [they] work and cheerfully together we can tidy up the place, so hum a marry tune… it won’t take long when there’s a song to help [them] set the pace and as [they] sweep the room imagine that the broom is someone that [they] love and soon [they will] find [them] dancing to the tune” (Video).  These unrealistic views is what young girls are perceive about their role in society and that a problem.  However, if we focuses on young boys and what they perceive from Disney movies we see that they feel that they should be heroes and strong. These gender stereotypes in a sense come for traditional gender roles.

These traditional gender roles are a problem to society because the woman role has develop to something beyond the housewife image and the thin image the media wants us to be. The “images of women on entertainment television have changed greatly in recent decades. A report by the National Commission on Working Women found increasing diversity of characters portraying working women as television’s most significant improvement. In many serials, women do play strong and intelligent roles, but in just as many shows, men are still the major characters and women are cast as glamorous objects, scheming villains, or servants” (Eitzen 267). Although, the women’s gender role has developed in the   21st century it hasn’t stopped the gender inequality. They are still many traditional ideas that surround our socialization process.

Therefore, I believe that until society end with the traditional views on gender there is never going to be equality among genders. Society needs to change as whole in order to move on towards gender equality. The unbalance among genders is ridiculous because women are strong and hard working just like men.  I think a possible solution or a starting point to changing society will start at home. Parents should monitor what children are watching. They should also reinforce new ideas that will give them an open mentality towards their gender identities.