Prejudice is a toxic poison that has no cure. Everyone is at its mercy and there is nothing we can do to stop it. If you can’t beat it, then just join it!!!! Prejudice is everywhere and it’s so common in society that it has become a social norm.

This week’s video: Prejudice in America

Racial and Ethnic inequality are two of the major reasons for prejudice. “Prejudice exits whenever there are differences in any population, whether they are physical, color, intellectual, gender, [or] creed” (Prejudice in America).  The unbalance among the social structure is what causes negative stereotypes, discrimination, and hateful acts against all types of social groups or individuals.  Everyone in society has either discriminated or has been a victim of discrimination. “Racist acts, in this view, not only are based on hatred, stereotyped conceptions, or prejudgment but also are rational responses to the struggle over scarce resources by individuals acting to preserve their own advantage”( Eitzen, Zinn, and Smith 232).  The American society that we live in and have created is an egotistic society, which is base of the me, myself, and I perspective. We are a selfish nation who emphasis the American dream as an individual not as a nation.

The core issue that we are facing today is that prejudice is becoming a social norm. No matter how bad the act of prejudice is we can’t escape it because it’s everywhere. Society has become accustom to prejudice and that is why it has become a part of our social environment.  “We have come quite a way…. But not enough” (Prejudice in America). Although, our society was become more accepting and has developed a greater tolerance for certain ideas it doesn’t mean we have overcome or put an end to prejudice. This will continue to be a social problem because it affects everyone, since anyone can become a victim of prejudice or discrimination.

Even though many disagree with prejudice there is not thing we can really do, unless we work together as a society. I feel that this issue is the result of what our society has imbedded in us. Ever since we were in elementary we were motivated to compete with one another in order to be the best we can be. We can trace prejudice or discrimination to the colonial periods in which the Indians and Caribbean people where being slaved.  I believe our nation is structured around egotistic and unrealistic dreams of world peace that will never happened because of individual greed. I honestly believe that we can’t put an end to prejudice but we can minimize it. If we educate our new generations about other cultures and open them to an equal racial and ethnic surrounding in which race is not a factor, I think that this would help solve some of the discrimination in society.