Most people blame the American education system and teachers for the poor academic progress of students, however where do parents stand? It is easy to blame the education system and teachers because no wants to blame parents for their children’s failure. However, we criticize and punish schools because students are not meeting the academic standers we expect of them.  “The pressure on the teachers and administrators that theirs schools score well may lead to cheating or to manipulation their rankings by exempting special education students and slow learners from taking the test, or through the subtle encouragement of slow learners to drop out of school. A final criticism of high-stakes testing is that research at the state level finds that tests attached to grade promotion and high school graduation lead to increased dropout rates, especially for minority students” (Eitzen 510). We set academic standers for schools that if not meet lead to punishments, but we don’t take inconsideration the serious consequences that follow these punishments.

We reduced funding, fire teachers, and cut resources from these schools that need them the most.  However, is it the education system (schools) and teachers fault or is it the parents fault? This video challenges this exact question and it concludes that “what matters is what parents do because the number one predictor of a child’s success is parental involvement”.   Parental involvement is a key factor in any child’s life especially in education because “there is no program or policy that can substitute a parent” (video).  

Now how does this affect sociaty? This constant debate over who is to blame for the poor academic progress of students in America makes is a social problem. These children being though at public schools with not parental involvement are our future work force. They will eventually go out into the world and occupy a place in society. The success and educational environment we offer them as a society will impact their success in society, which will impact our lives in some way. I believe that if we supply these schools with more resources and encourage parental involvement we can help children to succeed. Another, solution would be providing equal education system and opportunities, like the book talks about.  Just allowing inequality in its self will have a tremendous impact in the social structure. This will create a better society for all of us and much more.




NIKE SWEATSHOPS: Are Nike’s workers paid a living wage?

Additional video: Nike Sweatshops – Never say Never

Most of the U.S. corporations make their millions by selling products that have been produced in sweatshops. These sweatshops are “substandard work environment where workers are paid less than the minimum wage and are not paid overtime premiums, and where other labor laws are violated” (Eitzen 420). These sweatshops are all located in other centuries; therefore it becomes easier for these hotshot multimillion corporations like Nike to exploit, abuse, and control workers.  “Historically, low labor cost meant that workers received low wager, had inferior or nonexistent fringe benefits such as health care and pensions, and worked in unhealthy conditions (Eitzen 418). Productivity is key for Nike but at what cost.

In this video we see how workers form sweatshop out in Indonesia get paid living wages that are not enough  to survive.  They get paid “one million two hundred and eighty five thousand rupiah per month”, however such necessities like housing, food, water, and transportation are very expensive (video).  A side from the low wages many of these Nike workers are forced to work 16 hours shifts with short or no break time.  Workers are expected to work day in and day out to keep these jobs, which pays them miserably. These sweatshops that are produced and manufactured by multimillion corporations give their workers no choice and no escape from the poverty they live in.  

The core issue at hand is not the quality of the Nike products but the work environment and pay quality in which Nike employees are working under.  Sweatshops are under grown work environments that are unsafe and unhealthy for workers.  The horrible conditions and abuse that these sweatshop workers endure are the reasons why this issue is a social problem. A majority of the population including myself buy Nike products, which fund and allow theses sweatshops to continue to exist.  It becomes a social issue because we allow these hotshot corporations to continue their productivity.  We demand these products and consume products without worrying about where they come from or who is producing them.

Hotshot corporations like Nike care more about paying for low cost labor than their workers. I feel that society in some sense is also to blame. We tend to ignore the fact that sweatshops do exist, however in reality they exist because of our demands.  We as a consumers need to ensure that workers who produce the products we demand are also taken care of.  Strict labor laws that insure proper wages, benefits, and work environments need to be implemented worldwide. Society needs to work together to improve the work environments worldwide because it affects everyone.   

Rape Common War Crime Against Men by TheYoungTurks

Rape is one of the worst traditional street crimes ever.  Although, most rape crimes go unreported it is assumed that rape only happens to women, however this is far from the truth because men get raped too. Many men are captured at war and raped for long periods of time. They suffer from emotional, physical, and mental abuse due to this horrendous crime.  This type of crime tends to be done by perpetrators who are habitual offenders, which leads to the recurrent acts of rape.

Traditional street crimes “are the FBI’s index crimes of burglary, larceny, auto theft, robbery, rape, assault, and murder. These are serious crimes against property or violence against people that many people consider to be the whole of crime” (Eitzen 354). Rapists are known to use violence to restrain and scare victims in order to prevent them from reporting the crime.  This is one of the major reasons why rape victims don’t report this type of crime; however there are also other reasons why men especially the ones captured at war never report these types of crime.

The men who are captured at war “go through a lot of physical problems because of the severity of how much this has happen to them and then there is the mental part after they get away somehow and don’t die. Then [they] have to deal with the mental side of being shun by society, as if [they have] done something wrong”.  Society is known to “shun [the victims] and […] put [them] in shame” when they are not to be blamed (video).This type of crime is related to the broader of social context because social factors do happen and they influence the way victims feel. This harmful response from society puts pressure on the victims, which already have pre-existent side effects from the rape.  However, this makes us question what types of perpetrators commit this type of crime.

There are two types of offenders who commit rape crimes; one is the one-time-only perpetrators and the second is the habitual offenders. The one-time-only offenders only commit crimes one time because they fear prosecution. On the other hand, habitual offenders “continue their criminal patterns” (Eitzen 354). It is common and known that most rapist are habitual offenders because they can’t fight the urge to recommit this type of crime.

The core issue at hand is the men who are being captured at war and being raped. The video presents the victims in the favorable light because it illustrates the pain these men go through.  I feel that any type of crime is not good because they affect others. I think that rape is very harmful because it leaves permanent physical, mental, and emotional damage in a victim. I think that rape can happen to anyone and with that said a possible solution would be to erase ignorant stereotypes such as, rape only happens to women. We can erase these ignorant ideas by educating society about this type of crime. Having a well educated society will lead to a better understanding and reaction towards rape victims. Education will eventually lead to an increase in the reported rape crimes, which will help reduce crime in society.

Homophobia is everywhere; however it has become a major problem in schools around the world.  The gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered youth are endanger.  They suffer from constant humiliation and abuse by the people around them.  The consequences behind this type of discrimination have resulted in gay teens dropping out of school, isolation, and suicide within the gay community.

“Sixty- nine percent of gay youth report experiencing some form of harassment or violence” ( Eitzen 297).  Such discriminating acts consist of verbal abuse, scrawling messages, rumors, violent assaults, and bulling. These prejudice acts are being caused by peers and authority figures in these schools. “ For example, in 2002, the [American Civil Liberties Union] ACLU filed a lawsuit on behalf of an eighth-grader who was forced to sit in the principal’s office during physical education class (for a week and a half) after the gym teacher heard that she was a lesbian” ( Eitzen 297).  Within the video and reading we can see that there are several bulling cases that have been reported, however the parentage of cases that go unreported is much greater.  The percentage of unreported cases is much greater because most victims fear retaliation and further discrimination. However, the consequences that these prejudice acts produce within the gay community are far more critical.

“Twenty-eight percent of gay teens drop out of school annually […]” [because] “of gay teens, 41.7 percent do not feel safe in school” (Eitzen 297). Homophobias in the school system are not only affecting the security of the gay community but it’s also affecting the quality of education gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students are receiving.  When gay students are forced to drop out of school due to the lack of safety they become isolated.  They isolate themselves from society because they feel lonely with no support and they fear for their lives. Isolation within gay teens has had higher consequences such as, suicide. “One study quoted by the DEFES found that 50% of gay or lesbian people have been bullied at school [and have] contemplated self harm or suicide. A further study showed that 20% had attempted suicide and a low number succeeded” (video).   Although, suicide is a serious social problem all on its own, these consequences are the reason why homophobia in schools is a social problem.  Homophobia is a social issue because a majority of discrimination acts within society are based on sexual orientation.

It is absurd that our school system has let our youth suffer alone through discrimination and bulling. I can’t believe that authority figures such as teachers and staff members are also discriminate gay teens. It’s shocking because it makes me question what types of people are we as a society hire to educate our children. I think that a possible solution for this issue would be education. We have to educate both children and adults about sexual orientation.  I think that every authority figure or person working with children and teens should be educated on sexual orientation. By teaching the youth we will help them to understand their own sexual orientation and assimilate the differences between other sexual orientations. This solution will help create better schools and learning environment for our youth.

There are several different factors in a child’s life that helps a child create its gender identity.  One of these factors is the media. The media is everywhere and it’s easy for children to be exposed to it.  For instance what child doesn’t watch Disney moves? Believe it or not Disney movies influence children’s perspectives on gender. With that said, what are children really seeing and learning form Disney movies?

Children are like sponges that absorb everything and it doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. They don’t distinguish that Disney movies are fictional or unrealistic. Most Little girls do think that their prince charming will come and save them someday.  They also believe that a women’s role consist of them cooking, cleaning, and always being thin. For instance, in the Disney movie like Cinderella and Snow White the women’s role consists of them singing while cleaning. This gives young girls the idea that it’s fun to clean and that they should “just whistle while [they] work and cheerfully together we can tidy up the place, so hum a marry tune… it won’t take long when there’s a song to help [them] set the pace and as [they] sweep the room imagine that the broom is someone that [they] love and soon [they will] find [them] dancing to the tune” (Video).  These unrealistic views is what young girls are perceive about their role in society and that a problem.  However, if we focuses on young boys and what they perceive from Disney movies we see that they feel that they should be heroes and strong. These gender stereotypes in a sense come for traditional gender roles.

These traditional gender roles are a problem to society because the woman role has develop to something beyond the housewife image and the thin image the media wants us to be. The “images of women on entertainment television have changed greatly in recent decades. A report by the National Commission on Working Women found increasing diversity of characters portraying working women as television’s most significant improvement. In many serials, women do play strong and intelligent roles, but in just as many shows, men are still the major characters and women are cast as glamorous objects, scheming villains, or servants” (Eitzen 267). Although, the women’s gender role has developed in the   21st century it hasn’t stopped the gender inequality. They are still many traditional ideas that surround our socialization process.

Therefore, I believe that until society end with the traditional views on gender there is never going to be equality among genders. Society needs to change as whole in order to move on towards gender equality. The unbalance among genders is ridiculous because women are strong and hard working just like men.  I think a possible solution or a starting point to changing society will start at home. Parents should monitor what children are watching. They should also reinforce new ideas that will give them an open mentality towards their gender identities.

Although, most people like to believe that segregation in our public school system has ended, it hasn’t. Segregation in our public school system is one of the major reasons why racial and ethnic inequalities exist. Minorities such as, Hispanics and African Americans are affected the most. However, segregation has become more complex because now there is segregation within each ethnic group.  Now the questions is it the systems fault or are minorities just destined to fail?

“Now let’s talk about an issue far less visible. Since, Brown v. The Board of Education segregating schools based on race has been illegal in America, but that doesn’t mean segregation has ended” (video). Even though, most people try to disregard the idea of segregation in our public school system, it has become a major problem in our society. Not only is it affecting the students but it’s causing friction with other social aspects. For instance, segregation has produced racial inequality in and out of the education system. This is a big problem because it’s causing animosity within minority groups. To further complicate this situation, segregation persists in our education system because now most schools in America are being “segregated by social class” (video).

The segregation of schools by social class not only has complicated things but it is declining the quality of education minority groups will receive.  By segregating school the racial inequality within the education system becomes more apparent, which brings me to this question who’s fault is it that segregation continues in our public school system? “Segregation in schools is due largely to the residential segregation that exists throughout the country” (Eitzen 238). Since, our society consists of many segregated ethnic groups our schools maintain segregated.  For this exact reason segregation is a social issue. It is our society who is segregated and our education system just reinforces it. However, in this article the education system is to blame for the segregation of students. It’s the school fault that segregation continues to develop within minorities.

I truly believe that if segregation continues it will oppress and reduce the opportunities for minority groups. If segregation decreases worldwide our public schools would be better off.  I think that if parents become more involved with the education system and opt for no segregation by class, segregation will eventually decrease among the education system. This will balance out the racial and ethnic differences among students, which could lead to a balance of equality in society.

Prejudice is a toxic poison that has no cure. Everyone is at its mercy and there is nothing we can do to stop it. If you can’t beat it, then just join it!!!! Prejudice is everywhere and it’s so common in society that it has become a social norm.

This week’s video: Prejudice in America

Racial and Ethnic inequality are two of the major reasons for prejudice. “Prejudice exits whenever there are differences in any population, whether they are physical, color, intellectual, gender, [or] creed” (Prejudice in America).  The unbalance among the social structure is what causes negative stereotypes, discrimination, and hateful acts against all types of social groups or individuals.  Everyone in society has either discriminated or has been a victim of discrimination. “Racist acts, in this view, not only are based on hatred, stereotyped conceptions, or prejudgment but also are rational responses to the struggle over scarce resources by individuals acting to preserve their own advantage”( Eitzen, Zinn, and Smith 232).  The American society that we live in and have created is an egotistic society, which is base of the me, myself, and I perspective. We are a selfish nation who emphasis the American dream as an individual not as a nation.

The core issue that we are facing today is that prejudice is becoming a social norm. No matter how bad the act of prejudice is we can’t escape it because it’s everywhere. Society has become accustom to prejudice and that is why it has become a part of our social environment.  “We have come quite a way…. But not enough” (Prejudice in America). Although, our society was become more accepting and has developed a greater tolerance for certain ideas it doesn’t mean we have overcome or put an end to prejudice. This will continue to be a social problem because it affects everyone, since anyone can become a victim of prejudice or discrimination.

Even though many disagree with prejudice there is not thing we can really do, unless we work together as a society. I feel that this issue is the result of what our society has imbedded in us. Ever since we were in elementary we were motivated to compete with one another in order to be the best we can be. We can trace prejudice or discrimination to the colonial periods in which the Indians and Caribbean people where being slaved.  I believe our nation is structured around egotistic and unrealistic dreams of world peace that will never happened because of individual greed. I honestly believe that we can’t put an end to prejudice but we can minimize it. If we educate our new generations about other cultures and open them to an equal racial and ethnic surrounding in which race is not a factor, I think that this would help solve some of the discrimination in society.